Days Out With Your Dog Essentials

Days out with your dog

9 essentials to take on days out with your dog

We can finally see a little glimpse of light out of lockdown. This means you can meet with friends for walks and enjoy days out with your dogs. Hooray!

Secure dog walking fields to enjoy days out with your dog

With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to take a look at some of the essentials to take with you for a day out with your dog. We’re all a little out of practice, so this little list will hopefully stop you being caught short.

We’re also going to talk about secure dog fields, there are many dotted across the country. They’re a fantastic place to visit with your dog. With local parks and beauty spots set to be full of people, dogs, and picnickers, now might be the perfect time to try one!


9 essentials for a day out with your dog

  1. Fresh water and a collapsible water bowl.  While many dog-friendly places might have a shared communal water bowl for your dog to drink from, they can be breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Carrying your own water for your dog avoids the risk of cross-contamination and ensures they can stay hydrated no matter where you are.
  2. Don’t forget your dog tag! If you have an array of beautiful collars and harnesses, then it can be easy to forget to move your dog’s tag onto the collar they are wearing that day. If you need a new dog tag, or would like one for each collar, you can find some great dog tags here.
  3. Training treats. To reward and encourage that epic recall while you’re out and about. If you’re ever caught without treats on your walkies, it’s sure to be the time you really need them. Stock up to avoid the recall disaster experience here.
  4. Long-Lasting Dog Chews. If you’re stopping off anywhere or hanging out for a picnic with friends, then you’ll want your dog to have something to keep him entertained and to help him chill out.
  5. A travel mug for your drink of choice. The queues at cafes and coffee shops are insane right now, ditch the wait and bring your own for a relaxing day out with your dog. This travel mug is a beauty.
  6. Poo bags – have you ever got to the end of the roll and your dog squeezes yet another poop out? More than you think you’ll need is the rule of the game here!
  7. Hand sanitiser – are we ever without it these days?
  8. First aid kit – for humans and dogs. Tick season is almost upon us, so make sure you add a tick remover to get shot of those little brutes!
  9. Hooman snacks. We’re so often busy filling our bags with stuff for the dog that we forget we need refuelling too! So don’t forget something to fill your own tum for your day of fun.

Day Out Walking Your Dog


Some extra essentials to pack for hot days out with your dog

Summer isn’t so far away now, and we all have our fingers crossed here for some balmy spring days of sunshine. If you’re heading out on a warm day with your dog, then it’s a good idea to pack some extra water, a cooling bandana, or a cooling mat if you’re picnicking. Try to stick to shady woodland walks or walks near water where your dog can cool off.

If it’s above 26 degrees (lower if you have a brachy breed), then the best thing to do is walk your dog very early in the morning or late in the evening. If it’s particularly hot, then it may be safer to ditch the walk altogether. Instead you can opt for some enrichment at home in the cool. You can stock up on dog puzzles and enrichment toys here.


Have you ever been to a secure dog field?

Dogs On A Day Out

It’s really exciting to think that we’ll be able to get out and about exploring a little with our dogs again. But, given there are still so many limitations on where we can go and what we can do, parks and beauty spots will likely be very busy for months to come.

So, what can you do when you want to spend some time with your dog and perhaps a friend, without all the hustle and bustle of overflowing parks?

A secure dog field is a private space that you can usually hire by the hour for some guaranteed space for yourself. They are brilliant to escape to for some decompression. Both for our dogs and us. They’re also great for dogs who need some recall practise or who prefer not to be around other dogs.

Secure dog fields vary, some have agility equipment and even paddling pools, and some are simply an enclosed, well-fenced space to exercise and hang out with your dog. Visiting a secure dog field is lovely, even if your dog has perfect recall and loves other dogs. It’s an especially great place to go if you’re catching up with a friend after a long while and want to concentrate more on chatting than on your pup. You know he will be safe, secure and you can relax and enjoy a good chinwag while he has a nice sniff about.

Near us at our two pet shop locations in the Isle of Man and Surrey, we love Happy Hounds Dog Park and Off The Lead. Both have a fantastic range of equipment for you and your dog to enjoy.

Dog Day Out Idea

To find a secure dog walking field near you for days out with your dog here.

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