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Cat & Dog Puzzle Toy - Maze

Difficulty of Wooden Puzzle Toy: Hard
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    Quality wooden dog puzzle toy made in the UK

    Key Features:

    • Difficulty of pet puzzle toy: Hard
    • Made from solid wood - NO MORE PLASTIC
    • Made in the UK
    • Sturdy and made to last
    • Dog puzzles can assist to fulfil your dog's needs 
    • Suitable for dogs with previous puzzle experience 
    • Suitable for cats 

    Why We Love it:
    Puzzle toys keep your dog or your cat occupied, entertained and enriched. Dogs have needs and working for part of their daily allowance of food helps satisfy some of those needs. Our own dogs love their canine enrichment activities and these wooden dog puzzles are no exception 

    This brain engaging dog puzzle is suitable for both cats and dogs (cat puzzles, how cool please)! The block that holds a treat, which you have previously put in, is hidden along a track, the cat (still so cool) or dog needs to push the block back to the end points where the treat will be released.

    Animals love to work for their food, and often prefer this to just getting given their food for free, and who can blame them, we wouldn't want to eat out of a boring pet bowl every day of the week either.  Although our cat bowls are pretty special - nothing boring here!

    This wooden cat and dog puzzle toy helps cut down the use of plastic, which we know is important to many of our customers. While, at the same time looking, in our opinion, much more attractive and stylish in the home.

    The cat and dog puzzle toys are treated with natural linseed oil to help maintain strength for a longer time.

    We recommend supervision when using dog enrichment toys. Please note the puzzle is made of wood, and is not suitable for dogs who may be tempted to chew the puzzle.

    About the Supplier:
    A family run business, originally started to fulfil the needs of their own Springer Spaniel. Each puzzle is tested by their own panel of three dogs. 

    Treats not provided.

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    Material : Wood

    Type : Hard Difficulty Dog Puzzle

    Brand : Not From The Pet Shop

    Product Code : 80009