Christmas Candy Cane Rope Toy

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    This festive canine candy stick toy will make a great addition under the tree on Christmas day.

    Made of cotton rope, this candy cane toy comes in two colours, either red and white or red and green.

    At 20cm in length, this squeak and stuffing free dog toy is great for young, teething dogs who need a durable toy they may chew on. 

    The durable cotton rope material of this dog toy means it is great for chewing a carrying, or even playing hide and seek with.

    Dogs can get bored without a enough mental, physical and emotional stimulation so we suggest having a variety of dog toys available for your dog or puppy. As a dog toy for teething puppies, this is the perfect size for an obvious redirection tool for mouthy pups who are learning that hands aren't for chewing.

    We Recommend:
    Using a rotation system with your dog's toys: put a few of the dog toys away for a week or so and bringing them back out again. Then hiding the other toys for a week or so. You can have a cycle of three, four or five weeks if you have enough toys for dogs. This helps keeps the dog toys exciting and interesting and help prevent boredom for your dog. 

    Please supervise your dog when playing with all dog toys.

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