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Dino Soft Dog Toy

Dinosaur Toy for Dogs
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    Cute green dinosaur toy for dogs

    Key Features:
    • Cute, soft dog toy 
    • Comfortable for your dog's mouth
    • Soft dog toy with sqeeker 
    • Size: Approx 25cm X 16cm

    Why We Love It:
    Dogs can easily get bored without a enough mental, physical and emotional stimulation so we suggest having a variety of dog toys and puzzles available for your dog or puppy. 

    We look to provide a wide variety of different styles of toys and puzzles for our own dogs. Different sized toys, made from different types of materials, with different amounts of stuffing, rope toys as well as long lasting chews for the dogs to really grind their energy on, with the added bonus of cleaning their teeth.

    This soft dog toy has it's in built squeaker to catch the attention of those little ears. Puppies love puppy toys like this.

    This soft toy will be comfortable for your dog to carry, hold and cuddle up to.

    We Recommend:
    Working a rotation system with your dog's toys. Try putting a few of the dog toys away for a week or so and bringing them back out again. Then hiding the other toys for a week or so. You can have a cycle of three, four or five weeks if you have enough toys for dogs. This helps keeps the dog toys exciting and interesting and help prevent boredom for your dog. 

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    Supervision is recommended with all dog toys.

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    Brand : Not From The Pet Shop