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Dog Training DVD - Boundary Games

Absolute Dogs Boundary Games DVD
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    Dog Training DVD by Absolute Dogs Boundary Games 

    Key Features:
    • Boundary games for dogs
    • Create calmness & self control 
    • Works for both in the home & outside
    • Improve your dog's focus around distractions
    • Increase motivation to make good choices
    • Build a great dog/owner relationship
    • Short sessions - easy to fit into everyday life

    Why We Love It:
    Tipping over kitchen bins, barking at cars outside the window, stealing food off the worktop, jumping up on guests? We understand how stressful that can be, but it becomes so normal to your everyday life that you often don't even realise that there is any other way. We promise you though - there absolutely is!

    This Absolute Dogs Boundary Games DVD is perfect for dogs who struggle controlling themselves around things they love, for dogs who counter surf, for dogs who beg when you are cooking or eating and for dogs who struggle to settle. The Absolute Dogs training ethos is based all around games you can play over a just a few minutes at a time. The boundary games are fun and easy to learn, and the DVD comes with practical dog training steps to help you turn your struggles into strengths.

    Join the dog training with Tom and Lauren. Dog Training DVD produced by UK leading Vet Behaviourist Tom Mitchell, and world renowned dog trainer and agility champion Lauren Langman. With the Absolute Dogs Boundary Games DVD, have fun with your dog whilst you help your dog to settle and be safe on his bed.

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    Boundary Games with Absolute Dogs


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