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Dog Training DVD - Fast - Fit - Flex

Perfect for Dog Fitness
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    Triple F Fitness DVD by Absolute Dogs - Fast, Fit Flex

    Key Features:

    • DVD with dog fitness ideas
    • Helps to protects your dog from injury
    • No previous dog training skills required
    • Perfect for:
      • Companion dog fitness
      • Sport/competition dogs - agility dogs and flyball dogs
      • Working dogs
      • Young & old dogs
      • Injury prone dogs
      • Reactive dogs who need more indoor fitness
    • Combines fitness training with impulse control exercises
    • Great for people who have short periods of time to work on indoor dog fitness

    Why We Love It:
    For generic fast, fitness and flexibility training, this DVD is so useful. It goes over each exercise step by step in a practical and easily achievable way. It is suitable for all levels and experience.  Do you have a reactive dog and want an alternative to some of your everyday outdoor dog walks?  Or would like some ideas for dog fitness training with your dog on a rainy day?

    Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman of the Absolute Dogs are a Vet Behaviourist and Team GB agility competitor - so they understand the importance of working with your dog to achieve fitness and well-being.  

    This dog training DVD starts at the very basics of dog fitness, and goes all the way through to some more difficult fitness challenges, so you can start at the beginning or pick up some of their more advance dog fitness suggestions.

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    For dogs with known medical conditions,  always check with your vet before embarking on a new dog fitness regime. In addition to your vet, enlisting the help of a qualified hydrotherapist, canine physiotherapist, canine chiropractor, Bowen practitioner or similar is always sensible.


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