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Dog Training DVD - Leash Off Game On Recall Training

Dog Recall Training Made Fun
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    Absolute Dogs DOG RECALL TRAINING DVD - Leash Off Game On Dog Games

    Key Features:

    • Improved recall
    • Feel safer when your dog is off lead
    • Improved bond and relationship
    • Fun to learn
    • Can be done in 2-3 minute time slots
    • Can be played at home and outside
    • Learn from the comfort of your own home
    • Affordable dog training DVD
    • Taught by a veterinary behaviourist and Team GB Agility competitor

    Why We Love It:
    Absolute Dog Games - The dog DVD if you want to have a dog who comes back when called.  Over 25,000 people world wide have used the benefits of this dog recall training DVD - and you too can join the Absolute Dogs mentality of training through dog games.

    You too can have a dog who loves to check in with you and who comes back when called, instead of ignoring you! That deafness you encounter whilst out with your dog can be a thing of the past when you begin to play the Absolute Dogs Leash Off Game On games.

    These dog training games only take a few minutes at a time, so they are easy to fit around your everyday life. Join Tom and Lauren, if you want phenomenal recall with your dog, even in distracting environments then this is the DVD for you. Tom Mitchell is a Vet Behaviourist and Lauren Langam a world renowned dog trainer and Team GB agility competitor - the Absolute Dogs team have you in great hands.  

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