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Dogs Before Dudes - Wall sign

Perfect Gift For A Dog Mum
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    Gorgeous Wall Sign For Your Home

    Key Features:

    • Gift idea
    • Designed for Not From The Pet Shop
    • Ready to hang wall plaque
    • Red buttons for a more 3D effect
    • Material: solid wood
    • Uniquely painted by hand
    • Pretty bow for added style
    • Size: 10cm X 20cm

    Why We Love it:
    Our pet related wall plaques and signs are totally original and unique. The idea was ours and our talented supplier brought the idea to life in the form of this gorgeous quote sign. We absolutely love it and hope you do too.

    Lovely gift idea for any obsessed dog owner with their priorities in order.

    The background has deliberately been kept neutral so this wall sign should fit in with the decor of most homes and enhance them by adding a bit of quirky style.

    The gorgeous wall plaque comes ready with string attached, so there is nothing to do except choose a recipient or a wall to hang it on.

    About The Supplier:
    We found this supplier and just loved her style. She's had celebrity endorsements, however this is her first time supplying to anyone other than directly to her customers, so we feel very privileged. 

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    Brand : Not From The Pet Shop