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EM Dog Tick-Off Necklace - Red

EM Dog Tick-Off Necklace - Red

Features Effective Micro-Organisms
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    Natural dog tick prevention which is totally chemical free and kind to your dog. 

    Why We Love It:
    Each of the EM ceramic beads features Effective Micro-organisms, which is good bacteria that increase your canine’s natural immune resistance and in turn provides dog tick prevention.

    The Effective Micro-organisms work quite differently to chemicals and antibiotics - expelling rather than killing germs and bugs - so provide a natural alternative tick repellent for your dog. They are designed to be worn around your dog’s neck like a necklace, to give close contact to their coat and skin, the beads are activated each time your dog moves. 

    The EM Tick-Off Dog Necklace provides an effective preventative measure against ticks. Like all tick repellent products and dog tick prevention solutions, there is no 100% guarantee that no ticks will be found on your dog. The best prevention is to avoid known tick areas and check your dog (and yourself) after walking in forests and areas with long grass.


    • S: 30 – 33cm   M: 38 – 41cm  

    • L: 46 – 49cm   XL: 53 - 56cm

    • XXL: 60 - 65cm


    Measure your dog’s neck and then allow a few more centimetres room, so that the necklace sits below your dog’s collar. This allows the EM Tick-Off Dog Necklace to move freely and the EM ceramic beads to do their work. 


    • The EM Tick-Off Dog Necklace is not a dog collar. DO NOT attach a lead.

    • The EM Tick-Off Dog Necklace may take up to 4 weeks to start fully working.

    • For the best results, annual replacements are advised.

    • Keep the EM Tick-Off Necklace on your dog at all times during tick season.

    • Keep your dog’s EM Tick-Off Dog Necklace clean by rinsing thoroughly with warm water and dry in the sun every second week. DO NOT use soap or other cleaning chemicals on the necklace.

    • Your dog can keep their EM Tick-Off Dog Necklace on when swimming in the sea - just let it dry afterwards.

    • For safety, always remove your dog’s EM Tick-Off Dog Necklace if playing rough games with other dogs or animals.

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