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Handmade Puppy Toy

Also Great For Small/Medium Breeds
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    Like our standard style dog toys but in a slightly less chunky, making them brilliant for puppies and small to medium dog breeds.

    Key Features:

    • These puppy toys are made by hand 
    • A great tug toy for small breeds
    • Machine washable puppy tug toy
    • These puppy toys are handmade in the IOM
    • Works as a toy for puppies and a dog toy
    • Size of puppy toy: Varies between styles

    Why We Love It:
    Puppies love to play. Providing them with all sort of sizes, textures and different style of puppy toys is essential for their development and learning.

    Play is super important for puppies. It's a way to express themselves. A way to be learn. A way to let off some steam. It is also a fabulous way to bond and connect with us. Just think, while your puppy is playing with an appropriate puppy toy, they are not playing with your furniture or hands.

    Our handmade puppy toys are made from high quality anti pull fleece which is kind to little noses and soft on little mouths. These fleece tug toys really are a great addition to the puppy toy box.

    About the Supplier:
    A local Isle of Man school girl who impressed us with everything from her presentation and attention to detail, to her efficiency and get up and go. We're really excited to bring you dog toys made by her.

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    We recommend supervision when using any dog or puppy toys.

    Type : Toy

    COLOUR : Blue

    Brand : Not From The Pet Shop

    Product Code : 11789