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Ceramic Personalised Dog Bowl - CAPS
From: £12.95 £14.95
Ceramic Personalised Dog Bowls - Signature
From: £12.95 £14.95
Letters In Your Colour Choice
Personalised Treat Jar - Whimsical Design
From: £17.99 £18.99
Matching Bowls Available
Decoration Colour
Deep Cleanse Natural Dog Shampoo
£12.50 £13.50
Natural Anti-Bacterial Properties
Natural Dog Tooth Powder
From: £10.50 £11.00
Alternative to Dog Toothpaste
Personalised Dog Mug - Love
£12.99 £14.50
Personalised Dog Mug
Tote Bag - My Dog Has More Followers Than You
£7.49 £9.99
Perfect for Instagrammers
Personalised Dog ID Tag - Valentines Heart - Choose Your Breed
£10.49 £11.49
Cute Heart Shaped Dog Tag
Personalised Dog ID Tag - Watercolour
£10.29 £11.49
Personalised Dog Collar Tag
Colour - Watercolour
Pet ID Tag - Personalised - Shamrock
£9.99 £10.99
The Collar ID For The Irish
Personalised Dog ID Tag - Please Call My Mummy
£10.99 £11.99
Scratch Resistant ID tag
Personalised Dog ID Tag - Insta Famous
£10.99 £11.99
For The Famous
Personalised Dog Baby Tooth Keepsake Box - Choose Your Breed
£12.99 £14.49
Perfect Puppy Keepsake
Natural Halloween Dog Treats
£3.49 £4.99
Trick Or Treat
Small Snuffle Mat - Cat and Dog Enrichment Toy
£8.99 £9.99
Great Size For Travel: 20cm x 20cm
Snuffle Mat - Cat and Dog Enrichment Toy - Medium
£11.99 £12.99
Snuffle Mat Size: 21cm x 34cm
Spray Bottle
£2.49 £3.99
Perfect for your Zoflora
Grey Biothane Dog Collar
£9.99 £18.99
48cm - Only One Left
Christmas Cookie Treat Bag
£4.25 £5.95
Last One
Christmas Dog Bandana - Penguin
From: £4.99 £6.00
Plush Round Dog Bed
£14.99 £24.99
Perfect for Small Breed Dogs
Pet Food Storage Tray
£9.99 £11.99
Perfect for defrosting raw food
Knitted Wool Cat and Dog Bandana
£6.49 £7.50
Beautifully Hand Knitted Dog Bandana
Knitted Wool  Dog Flower
£6.49 £7.50
Beautifully Knitted Dog Collar Flower
Knitted Dog Snood Neck Warmer
£6.49 £8.00
Hand Knitted Neck Warmer
Funky Dog Collar and Lead Set
£15.99 £19.99
With Easy Clip Fastening
Patterned Buckle Style Dog Collar
£7.49 £9.99
Premium Buckle Dog Collar
Christmas Knitted Wool Dog Bandana
£5.49 £7.50
Beautiful Christmas Silver Threads
Patterned Fabric Dog Lead
£9.99 £11.99
Gorgeous Patterned Dog Leads
Patterned Standard Dog Collar - Fabric
£6.49 £7.99
Snap Clasp Dog Collar
Spider Halloween Dog Bandana
£4.99 £6.00
Available in two sizes
Natural Dog Treat Bundle - Three for £10.99
£9.99 £12.99
Money Saving Natural Dog Treats
Mint Green Glass Treat Jar
£8.99 £11.99
Cat & Dog Treat Jars
Dogs Before Dudes - Wall sign
£5.99 £8.95
Perfect Gift For A Dog Mum
Wall Plaque - Hearts Contain Paws
£5.99 £9.95
Beautifully Decorated
Wall Plaque - Live, Love, PURR
£5.99 £8.95
Perfect Cat Lover Gift
Wall Plaque - Super Vet Receptionists
£5.99 £8.95
Thank Them For Squeezing You In
Wall plaque - Super Vet Nurses
£5.99 £8.95
Thank Them For Their Care
Hand Painted Medium Lead Hook - Dachshund
£9.99 £16.99
Perfect Lead Storage
Hand Painted Welcome Lead Hook - Dachshund
£12.99 £19.99
Sausage Dog Lovers
Hand Painted Welcome Lead Hook - Labrador
£16.99 £23.99
Labrador Lover's Lead Hook
Ceramic  Dog Mug - Woof You Dad
£7.99 £9.99
Perfect Gift For A Dog Dad
Crocodile Soft Dog Toy
£5.99 £6.99
Soft Dog Toy
Dog Puzzle Toy - Trapdoor
£24.95 £26.95
Difficulty of Wooden Dog Puzzle: Hard
Dog Puzzle Toy- Cube
£27.95 £29.95
Difficulty of Wooden Dog Puzzle: Medium
Handmade Puppy Toy
£7.99 £9.00
Also Great For Small/Medium Breeds
Large Snuffle Mat Dog Enrichment Toy
£20.49 £22.99
Snuffle Mat Size: 40cm X 40cm
Rope Ball Dog Toy
£8.00 £9.00
Great for tug games
Teddy Bear Dog Toy
From: £7.99 £8.99
Cute Soft Dog toy
Wooden Pet Photo Memorial Block
£19.99 £21.99
Beautiful Pet Memorial
Personalised Dog Photo Mug - Favourite Human
£9.99 £11.99
Photo Dog Mug For A Dog Mum
Stainless Steel Travel Dog Mug - Life Is Better - Choose Your Dog Picture
£16.99 £18.99
Perfect Coffee Mug For On The Go
Dog Breed
Black Pug
Fawn Pug
Border Collie
German Shepherd
Springer Spaniel
Yorkshire Terrier
Puppy Toilet Training Guide for Puppy Owners
£1.99 £4.99
Includes Indoor & Outdoor Puppy Potty Training Tips
Dog Bed Training - Encouraging a Dog Settle
£1.99 £4.99
The Step By Step Guide That Works
Dog Bed Training - How to Teach a Dog Settle Around Distractions
£1.99 £4.99
The Step By Step Guide That Works
Dog Bed Training - Money Saving Bundle
£2.99 £6.99
The Complete Guide
How To Teach A Dog To LEAVE IT - Guide
£1.99 £4.99
Learn Why This Method Works
Cat Travel Mug - I've Got A Cattitude
£16.99 £19.99
Coffee Mug For On The Go
Handmade Wooden Dog Crate With Memory Foam Dog Bed
From: £825.00 £850.00
Beautifully Made Furniture
Colour - with waxed wood top
Waterproof Orthopaedic Dog Bed
From: £110.00 £140.00
Comfort for Joint Issues. Sizing Includes Extra Large Dog Bed
Personalised Cat Bowl - Geometric
£21.49 £23.99
Ceramic Cat Bowl with Choice of Breeds
Pink Cat Collar With Bow
£2.99 £5.99
Velvet Cat Collar with Safety Elastic
Black Cat Collar With Bow
£2.99 £5.99
Velvet Cat Collar with Safety Elastic