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Knitted Wool Dog Flower

Beautifully Knitted Dog Collar Flower
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    Key Features:
    • Hand knitted wool dog collar flower
    • Available in two different sizes (the wool is stretchy, so sizes are approximate):
      • Small dog flower - Approximate collar size 30cm.  Flower size 7cm 
      • Large dog flower - Approximate collar size 40cm.  Flower size 9cm
    • Wool dog collar flower available in three beautiful colours:
      • Purple Dog Flower
      • Teal Dog Flower
      • Orange Dog Flower
    • Natural wooden button decoration in centre of flower
    • Button fastener around neck - no velcro or plastic clasps
    • Knitted wool dog bandanas also available

    Why We Love It:
    The dog flower with a difference!  We've all seen the standard dog collar flower and thought how cute they are.
    What we haven't all seen until now is knitted flowers like these, with full neck bands, meaning a dog collar really isn't necessary. If you're a follower of dog fashion, these dog flowers are for you!

    As you'll know if you've followed our story, we love products which are unique. Products which you wouldn't find in your typical pet shop (hence the name) and these gorgeous knitted items fit our in with our ethos amazingly. We love them.

    They fasten with a small wooden button with the word 'handmade' stamped on it. The wool is sourced from the same supplier where possible to keep the colour options consistent with the images displayed.

    We were honoured to be approached by the lovely people who create these pieces. They tell us that being able to see the kitchen table is a thing of the past, as it is now covered in wool, flowers and knitted wool dog bandanas. These products are exclusive to us online.

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    Type : Flower

    Size : Small

    COLOUR : Purple

    Brand : Not From The Pet Shop

    Product Code : 15044