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We are Lyndsay and Lyndsay (yes, really), two thirty-something friends of nearly twenty years.

We provide a range of products to help you enrich the life of your loyal friend.

You may be like us and be fed up with buying cheap, mass-produced items for your dog. So where possible, we source our products from small, local businesses.

We even make some of the snuffle mats in-house. By in-house we don't mean in a warehouse or factory. We mean, in our homes.

When you message NFTPS whether it be on email, Instagram or Facebook - you are talking to us. Real people. Juggling life, just like you are.

We have no staff or call centres. 

You get through to real people, who love their dogs just as much as you do.

One of us is a qualified Pet Psychologist and dog trainer and the other works at a busy veterinary practice so you can rest assured that we really do understand exactly how you feel.

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Lyndsay France
Lives: Ramsey, Isle of Man
With: Canine Hydrotherapist husband Lee, teenage son, step daughter, Patch & Soxx
Past pets: 7 cats, 3 fish & 1 horse
Current Pets:  2 dogs
Previous work: Bar work & corporate stuff 
Current work: Puppy Trainer and Behaviour Consultant at Puppy Training IOM & Co-Owner of Not From The Pet Shop
Dog related background: Pet Psychology Practitioner, doggy foster mum, Puppy Trainer & AbsoluteDogs Pro Dog Trainer.
I believe: That who you are as a pet owner is who you are as a person.
What I love about NFTPS: The suppliers behind the products are real people who all have a passion for craft & animals.

Online Pet shop UK

Lyndsay Shimmin
Lives: Oxted, Surrey
With: Partner Kevin, Beau and puppy Dexter
Past Pets: 3 dogs, 1 cat, 3 fish and 8 hamsters
Current Pets: Beau and Dexter
Current work: Playing with your pets for a living in a Vet practice.
When not playing with your pets in my job, I'm finding them great quality pet products for NFTPS.

Previous work: Boring finance stuff.
Dog related background: BSCS Complete Canine Care Diploma. A volunteer for Guide Dogs UK and a local rescue centre.
What I love about NFTPS: Getting to know our suppliers and chatting to you on Instagram and seeing the love we all share for our pets.
What else? I play the trombone in a local brass band, and if you challenge me to a box set binge, I’ll probably win.

Dog illustration UK
Not From The Pet Shop - Chief Mischief Maker
He’s a Braque D’Auvergne
That’s a French Pointer
He LOVES birds
He doesn't like strangers, but once he loves you, he must lick your feet
His favourite place is wherever his daddy is
Beau's Instagram
Dog illustration UK
Not From The Pet Shop - Chief Treat Taster
He’s a Dalmatian/Springer Spaniel/Weimaraner mix
He LOVES food
And sniffing
He hugs like he is sharing your skin
But not just anybody gets those
Dog illustration UK

Not From The Pet Shop - Chief Toy Tester
He’s a collie 
He LOVES swimming and toys 
And the TV
He hugs sometimes
But face licking is his favourite way to greet
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