Multi Straight Dog Tug Toy
Multi Straight Dog Tug Toy
Multi Straight Dog Tug Toy
Multi Straight Dog Tug Toy
Multi Straight Dog Tug Toy

Multi Straight Dog Tug Toy

Great for tug games
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    A Great Interactive Play Toy For Dogs

    Key Features:

    • Portable dog rope toy
    • Machine washable tug toy
    • Multi-colour dog toy
    • These dog toys are handmade in the IOM
    • Great to use in the agility environment 
    • Works as a toy for puppies and a dog toy
    • Size: Approx 53cm

    Why We Love It:
    So many dogs just love to play. We in turn, love to watch them playing and having fun with their dog toy.

    Play is important for dogs.  It's a way to express themselves.  A way to be joyful.  A way to let off some steam. It is also a fabulous way to bond and connect with us.  Many of us love it when our dog wants and chooses to interact with us, chooses us to share in their fun.  It's a chance to let go of our stuffy adult selves and be a kid again.  Our dogs can teach us so much if we let them. 

    They all have different play styles.  Some love to parade their prize toys around as if showing them off with pride. Some love to bury their noses into the dog toy, seeming to receive comfort from the toy.  Some dogs just love that interaction with their beloved playmate - whether that playmate be canine, human or even feline.

    Dogs love to have a variety of dog toys and puppy toys, with all sorts of different shapes, sizes and textures.  We love to provide that for them with interactive soft toys for dogs like these quality fleece rope toys. 

    Made from high quality anti pull fleece which is soft and kind to little noses, these fleece tug toys are a great addition to the toy box for dogs.

    About the Supplier:
    A local Isle of Man school girl who impressed us with everything from her presentation and attention to detail, to her efficiency and get up and go. We're really excited to bring you toys made by somebody so young and dynamic.

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    We recommend supervision when using any dog toys.

    Type : Toy

    COLOUR : Blue

    Brand : Not From The Pet Shop

    Product Code : 11789