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Quality pet products from small UK businesses.

If you are a busy dog owner who is tired of cheap mass-produced pet products, we can help make finding unique, quality pet items from small businesses easy.
Our products are all sourced from small pet businesses meaning you don't have to waste any of your precious time shopping around looking for non-mass-produced pet items for your dog and home. We have done that for you.
You can help put a smile on the face of a small business owner every time you purchase. 

These products come from real people, with many of them being individually made especially for your dog.

We don't offer 24-hour turnaround times or rock bottom prices. Our customers are looking for more than that.

These are not just any dog products.
These are dog products to complement your home and lifestyle. 
Helping you and your dog step into the life you know you both deserve.

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Individually made for your loyal friend.

Some of our pet shop products will be sent to you directly from the maker, and some will come from us. We'll keep you posted on the status of your order, however, please note that where we are making an item specifically for you, the delivery time may be extended, by a couple of weeks.  

You hope there is never an issue with any of your Not From The Pet Shop products. However, if there is, just let us know and we will do our best to help remedy it. Where you are purchasing a personalised pet product, or an item that is bespoke in sizing, please double check the measurements, as we can't refund any errors in measuring. We will confirm your order by email, so if you spot anything wrong, please let us know as quickly as possible.

This online pet shop is based in the Isle of Man with our pet products sourced in the UK and the Isle of Man wherever possible. If the pet product has been sourced from outside of the UK, our promise to you is, we will clearly state this under the product information.


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