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Paw Print Kit

Inkless - No Mess
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    No Ink Pet Paw Print Kit
    Turn your paw print into jewellery - makes a stunning necklace, bracelet, cufflinks or keyring

    Key Features:

    • Capture every detail of your pet's paw print
    • No ink required for this pet paw print kit
    • Pet's paw print kit uses specialised paper
    • Contains:
      • Two pieces of specialised paw print paper
      • Two no ink towel sheets
      • Easy to follow simple instructions
    • Enough supplies for prints
    • Turn your paw print into jewellery - makes a beautiful necklace, bracelet, cufflinks or keyring

    Why We Love It:
    This inkless pet paw print kit is a perfect way to cherish your pet. Whether you are looking for a dog paw print kit or a cat paw print kit, this is a great option.

    There's no ink needed which means there's no mess left afterwards. The spare towel sheets mean that if your first attempt isn't as you would like it, then you can try again to perfect your paw print.

    Once your pet paw print is as you want it, the print would make a beautiful keepsake. Whether it is stored in a dog journal or maybe your cat's paw print could be framed and have pride of place in your house. Making a beautiful gift, the paw print kit is truly personal and the perfect way to show how much you care.

    About The Supplier
    Our supplier of pet paw print kits is a family run business with years of experience turning paw prints into pieces of jewellery. An animal lover with a particular fondness for cats, she realised how special it was to carry her cat's paw prints around her neck, and decided to bring her beautiful pieces to you too.

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    Type : Jewellery

    Material : Silver

    Brand : Not From The Pet Shop