Pet ID Tag - Halloween

Choice Of Three Spooky Designs

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    Key Features:

    • Beautiful Halloween dog tag - trendy and modern dog ID tag
    • Dog tag showing your choice of spooky illustration
    • Tell us your text and make this a truly personalised dog tag
    • Dog ID tag can be personalised on both sides, wirth your choice of illustration and wording
    • Available in three sizes:
      • Small dog tag - 2.5cm
      • Medium dog tag - 3.2cm
      • Large dog tag - 3.8cm
    • Cute pet tags are 1.1mm in thickness
    • Lightweight dog tags are not too heavy on your dog's collar
    • Coloured dog tags available in lots of designs - see our range

    Why We Love It:
    If you're trendy and modern in your style, why shouldn't your dog have a special Halloween dog tag too?  Perfect for your gorgeous dog as he makes his way through the park, or wanders around day care like the handsome chap he is.  You can personalise the pet tag with your favourite spooky illustration, most appropriate size and choose your own wording if you like.  

    There are legal and sensible reasons behind attaching your dogs details to their collar or harness, however just because the reasons are sensible, that doesn't mean your choice in dog tags needs to be sensible.or boring. Have some fun choosing a tag which is as fun and unique as your dog. Each dog has their own individual character and personality, no two dogs are exactly the same and so let that personality shine through in their dog tag, created by us, but chosen by you. 

    Limiting that fear of having the dog run off via suitable equipment and that all important recall training is of course essential, but we all know that sometimes, life happens and so it is an awesome idea to be fully prepared, just in case. In the event of your dog running off, them being easily able to be returned if found could potentially make a huge difference to the impact and stress of the event, we all hope never happens to us. This is where a dog ID tag is so useful.

    The Control of Dogs Order 1992 states that each dog should whilst on a public highway, or place of public resort, should wear a collar with the name and address of the owner on it or a plate or badge attached to the collar.

    Personalise your dog tag and have fun doing it.

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    Type : Dog Tag

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    Product Code : 99111