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Snuffle Mat - Cat and Dog Enrichment Toy - Medium

Snuffle Mat - Cat and Dog Enrichment Toy - Medium

Medium Size: 20cm x 30cm
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Snuffle mats so soft that they are suitable for cats too. Also suitable for puppies.

Your four-legged loyal friend will love being spoilt with a small foraging mat like this.

Why You'll Love It:
Cat and dog snuffle mats are a great addition to your pet's life, providing them with a chance to use their noses.

Nose work is stimulating and satisfying for your pet, helping them feel emotionally content. They love being given opportunities to use their noses. 

This dog snuffle mat can be taken out for a portable dog puzzle toy.

A useful aid for a calmer dog in agility, flyball, and other competitive environments. Help relax a dog in what might be stressful or exciting places.  

This is also a great activity for house cats and young puppies.

The best snuffle mats for dogs are useful canine enrichment for:

  • To calm your dog
  • To tire and relax your dog
  • Dog nose work
  • Crate training
  • Slowing your dog when eating
  • When on crate rest
  • Injury recovery
  • Illness recovery
  • Place training/boundary training
  • Relieving dog boredom
  • Occupying your dog
  • Redirection from undesirable behaviours
  • Activity when visitors arrive
  • May help relieve barking at the door
  • Great activity for puppies

Dogs love to work for their food, and can prefer eating out of a snuffle mat to just getting given their food in a bowl for free. 

Especially if you have a working breed who loves to sniff.

Simply hide some of their normal kibble in the mat and watch them have fun finding all of the pieces

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Key Features:

  • Portable dog snuffle mat.
  • Puppy snuffle mat for inside a crate.
  • Machine washable snuffle mat.
  • Made from quality, anti pull felt.
  • Handmade in the UK.
  • Great to use in the agility environment.
  • Suitable for cats.
  • Great toy for a puppy.
  • Cat enrichment. Dog enrichment.
  • Great distraction for at the vets.
  • Snuffle Mat Size: Small - 20cm x 30cm.

As with all dog toys, we recommend supervision when using this item.

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Our little pup loves it! Keeps her entertained for ages. Such a delight to watch her work it out.

Amazing company. Our order got lost in the mail and they sent a new one out with a handwritten note. Really love the personal touch. Thank you so much.

Joe Buxton | Bristol | October 2021

  • Type : Snuffle Mat

    COLOUR : Multi

    Size : Small

    Brand : Not From The Pet Shop

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