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Teddy Bear Dog Toy

Cute Soft Dog toy
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    Gorgeous Patch Work Dog Teddy Bear

    Key Features:
    • Gorgeous Teddy Bear Dog Toy
    • Available in a choice of two colours:
      • Light brown dog toy
      • Dark brown dog toy
    • Squeaky dog toy
    • Made from non-toxic colours
    • Size: Approx 28cm high x 20cm wide

    Why We Love It:
    This classic patchwork style teddy bear dog toy makes the cutest addition to any squeaky dog toy collection. At 28cm high, this plush dog toy is ideal for teaching soft play. The fleece material is comforting and makes a lovely puppy toy needing soft comfort too.

    The hidden squeak will make this dog toy even more fun for those little dog ears, as you play together and build your bond through play.

    Dogs can get bored without enough mental, physical and emotional stimulation so we suggest having a variety of dog toys available for your dog or puppy. 

    We Recommend:
    Using a rotation system with your dog's toys: put a few of the dog toys away for a week or so and bringing them back out again. Then hiding the other toys for a week or so. You can have a cycle of three, four or five weeks if you have enough toys for dogs. This helps keeps the dog toys exciting and interesting and help prevent boredom for your dog. 

    Please supervise your dog when playing with all dog toys.

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    Type : Dog Toy

    Brand : Not From The Pet Shop