Tooth Powder
Tooth Powder
Tooth Powder
Tooth Powder
Tooth Powder

Tooth Powder

Alternative to Dog Toothpaste
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    Clean, fresh dog teeth

    Key Features

    • Natural alternative
    • No chemical tooth paste
    • Help to prevent tartar
    • Help to diminish bad breath
    • Natural smell and taste
    • Vegan
    • Use daily if needed

    Why We Love It:
    Available in a choice of two sizes, this natural alternative to dog tooth paste is a winner with us. There's only three natural ingredients in our dog tooth powder, meaning the chemicals, colours and flavourings added to traditional dog toothpaste are all avoided - perfect for a natural approach. Infused with cloves, the smell and taste are just as appealing to your dog too!

    This dog tooth cleaner is beautifully packaged in a glass jar that is great for recycling. This dog tooth powder is a must for any dog grooming kit.

    Apply gently to the teeth and gums using a damp cloth, a canine tooth brush or cotton bud. Use as needed from daily to weekly. If your dog isn't used to having his teeth cleaned, we recommend you start slowly and reward heavily any interactions with the tooth powder to begin with so that your dog learns to love having his teeth cleaned.

    Ground Cloves, Bicarbonate of soda, Titanium clay

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    Type : Tooth Powder

    Brand : Not From The Pet Shop

    Product Code : 120115